Reflections of Fall 2020 Semester

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Reflecting on Fall 2020, Interns were grateful for the opportunity to continue working with students, staff, faculty, and administration amidst a turbulent semester. They continued numerous initiatives carried over from last Spring such as compost expansion, AASHE stars report work, communications, Big Hill Farm partnership, and Strategic Act 3.7. They also worked with the Environmental Studies Senior Seminar Class, helping students work on group projects for the semester. Continue reading for in-depth updates from Interns this fall.

  • Composting
    • Kendra Held has been working with the Environmental Studies Senior Seminar Compost group, as well as working on compost initiatives on campus. See our September Blog Post “Sustainability Interns Back at Work” for more in-depth information and photos from the start of this process. 
  • AASHE STARS report
    • Collin Carlson has continued working with the AASHE STARS program and renewable energy, compiling information to get a better understanding of the program as a whole.
  • Communications
    • Aviva Meyerhoff has continued communication with the Admissions office and worked with the Sustainability Communications Team (including Carlson and Held) to develop ideas for a potential sustainability (SUS) component to the general education requirements.
  • Big Hill Farm
    • Audrey Ochtrup-DeKeyrel has been working with the Big Hill Farm group in the ES Senior Sem Class and Big Hill Farm student organizers to solidify their working relationship with Little Big Sky Farm and establish a consultation-based relationship with Francis Bettleyoun to incorporate indigenous farming practices into the farm.
  • E-bikes
    • Lily Engebretson has been working with the Transportation ES Senior Sem group, focusing on Electric Bikes. Seniors Alec Donald, Rachael Zielske, and Jacob Padilla recently sent an Electric Bike Interest survey to the student body and received almost 700 responses! Click here to view the survey. The information gathered from this survey will be used in the following PESC (Presidents Environmental Sustainability Council) Meetings to discuss the feasibility of getting Electric Bikes on campus in the future.
  • Strategic Act 3.7 Planning
    • Interns have additionally been working with members of the Administration, the Sustainability Communications Team, and the Directors of the Johnson center to develop the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for Strategic Act 3.7 which works toward implementing environmental stewardship and sustainability principles and practices across the College. These KPIs, as well as the GANTT chart, (a chart used by administration documenting the dependency relationships between activities and the current schedule status), create a feasible, time-sensitive template for the President’s Sustainability Goals from 2018-2022.

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